Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet have a knee injury?
What are the signs of a cranial cruciate ligament rupture?
My pet is limping and is in pain, what do I do?

What should I expect from the surgeon consult?
What is the cranial drawer test?
Educational conponent

What is Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO)?
What types of dogs are TPLO's done on?

Why should I choose TPLO for my pet?
Why should I have this treated right away?

What is the DePuy Synthes TPLO Plate?
What are the benefits of using the DePuy Synthes TPLO Plate?

What should I expect the day of surgery?
When will my dog be able to walk after surgery?
How much pain will my pet be in after surgery?

What should I expect after surgery?
How long will my dog need to stay at the hospital?
How do we minimize pain after surgery?
Can I apply cold to the surgical area after surgery?
Will my pet be on pain medications after surgery?
How long will my pet be restricted?
When do I come back for an examination?
When do the stitches come out?
What can I get to help my pet walk after surgery?

What type of physical therapy is available?
Do I need to do professional physical therapy?
At what point post operatively do we start physical therapy?
What is an underwater treadmill?
When is the next examination?
When can my pet start to run again?
What are the expectations post operatively?
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